On the more serious side . . .

Food is either medicine or poison: Everyone faces a personal choice to follow or ignore conventional wisdom. Seeking to understand physiological mechanisms that drive optimum cellular function should be a foundational principle taught to every adult some time in their life. Since this is not the case, here is a dose . . . try applying what you see in the first video below and your mitochondria will thank you. Follow the recommendations in the second video and perhaps your future cancer cells will.

The doctor below cured herself of multiple sclerosis. Her diet is what I eat as a daily approach to health, wellness, and longevity . . . and it goes well with my home-made root beer. Take a gander, she is the canary in the coal mine. Most of us are traveling down the same shaft, so to speak. It is 17 minutes well spent.

. . . and here is what to do if you want to continue down the coal mine, risking your health, quality of life, and precious time on this wonderful planet. This is a Medscape instructional video teaching physicians "healthy" diet recommendations. Beware, all is not what it seems . . . food choices are yours as is the direction of your health.



Have I talked about our collective problem with iatrogenic injury and death yet? If you haven't read any rants on this subject, keep reading my blog. I plan to incorporate the ill-effects of standardized healthcare protocols resulting from lifestyle choices like the SAD and our going with the flow behaviors associated with typical social pressures that contribute to poor health and chronic disease.

In addition, I want a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the systemic relationships our body uses to prevent chronic disease and maintain health.


Instead of practicing moral responsibility why don't we just get this vaccine? Especially since the CDC now recommends it for boys. This video is deeply troubling from a moral and preventive perspective. The CDC's response does not surprise me as they merely parrot the philosophy of the pharmaceutical institution.

Is it worth the death of one person?


Dr. Burzinski and evidence of harm associated with the dangers of government corruption within an institution such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA):


Dr. Lustig's explanation of sugar and its toxic effects in our body: